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Focus on the future. Acknowledge the past. Work towards a better today.

About Living Ahead Podcast

The Living Ahead podcast is THE podcast that is focused on the future, acknowledges the past, and works towards a better today.


By focusing on the future the aim is to grow personal, professionally, and in all other areas of life while continuing to develop and maintain a goal oriented mindset. We simply acknowledge the past as moment in time, not a life defining event that can never be overcome.

Good or bad, you are not your past.

Your days will get better when you intentionally decide to use life experiences and personal development tools, while cultivating a desire to be the best version of who you truly are.

Join us on this epic Living Ahead journey!


Shay Alsahar

A reader, athlete, artist, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, Certified High Performance Coach and an IT executive, Shay doesn’t waste any time. She believes in doing your best with what you have and always reaching for the next best version of yourself. She takes great pride in practicing a growth mindset every day with an open heart to giving back through the Living Ahead podcast. She's been fortunate to have many incredible people along her journey and decided it was time to be that for many more. Shay considers her family's love & support the greatest blessing; the best parents and 5 amazing siblings a person could ask for. She believes in education and holds multiple degrees, the last of which she obtained her Executive MBA. Her favorite book is Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

Kelly Moser

After climbing to the top of the Food Safety and Quality ladder, Kelly realized that not only was the ladder leaning against the wrong building, “fulfillment”, the thing he was hoping to find at the top, was not there. It was only when he was introduced to personal development and began to serve others that he really found his purpose. Today, Kelly is a Certified High Performance Coach, Speaker, Solutions Provider, and Founder and CEO of The Moser Movement where he lifts individuals and teams to their potential and higher selves. Outside of the entrepreneurial world, Kelly enjoys the company of his best friend and wife Janet as well as all things outdoors including fishing, boating, kayaking and living the beach life.

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From Our Listeners

Just finished the first episode and I am ready to stop complaining and control the direction of my life. Can’t wait for more episodes to come!


Congratulations on launching your podcast! I really enjoyed this first episode and am looking forward to hearing more in the future!!


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